Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a Membership and an Organization Membership?

A: A basic Membership is for individuals and costs $50 a year. An Organization Membership is for businesses and groups which are legal entities and costs $300 a year.

Q: What is the extra $25 fee I am being charged? I thought it was only $50 a year?

A: If you intend to use your own equipment, yes the membership fee is $50 a year. If you need to use any equipment associated with PAPA, there is an extra $25 fee per year. Also, if you live out of the area and would like to become a member to use PAPA's facilities, the membership fee is $75 and the extra $25 equipment fee if needed for a total of $100.

Q: Can I just walk in off the street, pay my membership dues, and start right away?

A: The answer to this is both yes and no. Yes, it is quite possible to do so. However, it depends on Studio availability and your experience with the equipment. Most new members will need a walkthrough on equipment use.

Q: Do you have to reserve studio time? How long can I reserve it for?

A: You can walk into the studio and check the reservation list. If the studio is free, you can use it. You cannot, however, run over on time and into someone else's reservation. The maximum time block to reserve studio time is 2 hours. If you feel that you may go over, you need to check with the Station Manager to make sure this will not cause a complication. You may be informed that you have to come back and finish your project at a later time.

Q: Does my family qualify for the Organization Membership, or do we have to pay individually?

A: The answer to the question would be individually. However, it would be very rare for a household to pay for all of its members. Individuals under the age of 18 cannot use PAPA equipment by themselves without supervision.