The PAPA Station will be closed until after the COVID pandemic. All of our personnel will be working remotely. Thank you!

Latest PAPA News

News Story #1

PAPA held a Strategic Planning Session, which went well for the ideas given
Subcommittees for Branding and Finance created
In a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors, Dales Wilson was removed from their ranks.

News Story #2

 PAPA Board Meeting
  • Tyler Alghren stepped down from the board
  • Keith Vance voted in as new member
  • The seat for the City of Port Angeles was voted in as an official board position. Brendan Meyer remains their representative.
  • Elisabeth Hegyi formally voted back in as Treasurer
  • Jeff Bele Voted to position of Vice President
  • Keith Vance voted to position of Secretary
  • Approval of equipment for PAPA to go online
  • Creation of Subcommittees: Outreach, Programming, and Budget
  • Strategic Planning meeting set
  • Board member vote of no confidence. Followup in 2 weeks.

News Story #3

Website and email upgrades are complete. More updates will follow.

 News Story #4

The Board voted on a redraft of the PAPA website and email for a more professional and secure setup.

The Board also accepted Elisabeth Hegyi back as a board member and the PAPA Treasurer.




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